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angienano's Journal

3 August 1963
This journal is for NaNoWriMo, and possibly other large and off-the-wall writing projects at other times of the year. Both chat and organizational posts about NaNo and NaNo novel chunks themselves will be posted here, the idea being that people who have my regular journal friended but aren't interested in the frantic production of unedited fiction won't have to defriend me each November. This is where the raw verbage will be posted -- if you're interested in seeing what my unedited stories look like, feel free to friend and watch, no need to ask. :)

I have no idea at this point what will happen to the resulting mass of fiction after 1 December. I'd like to say that I'll be polishing it and then looking for a publisher, but last year's NaNo story (a bit over 50K words but less than half done, I think) is still sitting here and I haven't touched it since 30 November of last year, so.... We'll see. At least I'm starting earlier this year so I might actually have, like, a plot and some characters and stuff by the time I start. :D

Anyway, feel free to comment as you read. As always, I welcome in-depth commentary and discussions, including concrit. Thanks!